Roof Cleaning 101

Have you noticed that your roof has become a few shades darker, and is now omitting a black or green tint rather than the original color when you purchased the home? These symptoms probably indicate that there is mold or mildew and debris collecting on your roof shingles and it is time to think about cleaning your roof. While some roofs need to be cleaned less frequently than others depending on location and weather patterns, it is good to keep a close eye on the condition of your roof and perform routine cleaning every two to five years as needed. The debris and mold, including dirt, algae, grime, mud, and even bird droppings, gathering on the roof of your home are not only extremely unsightly, but can potentially cause damage to the shingles. The living debris, such as algae or lichens, use the roof shingles as their food source deteriorating the quality of your roof. They can grow and seep through these shingles into the roof deck causing the wood to rot, which exposes the home to mold growth leading to potential health risks.

So what are the options to protect your roof from these harmful exposures and maintain the best achievable quality?

  • Chemical solutions?
  • At home pressure washing?
  • Hire a professional service?

While you can clean your roof using your on DIY mixture of bleaches and detergents in a garden sprayer or home pressure washer, these methods are not always the best nor safest.

Home-concocted chemical mixtures, if not consulted with professionals, may potentially settle in the shingles causing damage. On the other hand, high pressure washing is a definite NO. Pressure washing can wash off granules that are on the roof to protect the asphalt from the sun and does not always effectively remove the targeted growth. This would result in not only an overheated home, but an unfinished job.

Fear no more, homeowners - there is a great solution. The best option for cleaning your roof is the method adopted by Pressure Brothers. Pressure Brothers uses a roof cleaning method we call “soft washing” which is a low pressure wash using an effective and carefully blended detergent and high volumes of low pressured water. This system prevents direct damage to the roof shingles and allows the cleaning to reach more delicate areas that a high pressured system would naturally have to avoid.

Pressure Brothers will be sure to handle your roof will delicately and complete a professional washing that will ensure the result of a beautiful new-looking roof. Consult with us on how to take care of your home's roofing needs and expect the utmost satisfaction.

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