What is Pressure Washing and Soft-Washing?

You may be asking yourself a few questions when it comes to pressure washing. What is pressure washing? How does pressure washing actually work? Can a pressure washer damage my home? We explain our unique method to safely pressure washing your home so that your home looks beautiful and causes no damage.

What is Pressure Washing

Pressure washing uses a high-pressure water sprayer to remove debris from a house and the different surfaces that surround the house.

This debris includes, but is not limited to:

  • loose paint
  • bugs
  • mold
  • algae
  • grime
  • dust
  • mud
  • bird droppings
  • dirt
  • and more

We provide the highest level of service in the pressure washing industry. We specialize in getting this job done efficiently so that your home, patio, or deck will look like new again. Our company uses a different technique compared to most standard pressure washing businesses or the basic pressure washer that you can purchase yourself.

We make sure that your property is dealt with delicately so that no damage is done. We employ a unique system known as “soft washing”.

Soft-Washing Method

The soft-washing method has allowed us to take our business to a whole new level. Pressure washing is a simple service, but it is important that it is done by a professional to prevent harm to the property.

As we mentioned above, pressure washing is when water under high pressure is used to agitate a surface which will remove most debris from the surface. However, using a high water pressure system often leaves potential for damage to the home and surrounding surfaces. Also, the delicate areas of the home must be avoided when using high pressure power washers to prevent harm to them. The soft washing service our business offers uses no more pressure than the average garden hose.

Instead, we use a special blended detergent. This unique detergent has been carefully crafted by our company and perfected over many years.  This detergent covers the entire house including the sensitive areas of the home such as windows, screens, trim, shutters, and caulked areas.

Our special detergent is used as the agitator to remove all debris from the surface, which is different from a high pressure washer cleaning. A system with high pressure is only able to remove some of the debris from the home, while our soft-washing technique with our special detergent is much more effective.

Our method is similar to a car wash. In a car wash, the entire car is covered with a soapy film that will remove any residue that is on the vehicle. This is the same concept we use to clean the surface of the house. The home and surrounding surfaces are covered with our special foamy detergent which will remove all debris and deposits that may be covering the home. We make sure to spend extra time on every detail of the home to insure it looks as beautiful as possible for the current condition of the home.

You may think you have no use for our pressure washing service, but we can guarantee that after you see what we can do to your home, you will be very glad you hired the best. Some homeowners feel that a rainstorm is good enough to wash the residue from their home. We can promise you that rain water will not be effective, and dirt, bird droppings, mold, etc. will accumulate on the surface of your home. This will begin to make your home look dingy and could potentially affect the value of your home.

You may also assume that a garden hose would be just as effective. The problem with this is that you will have to scrub every inch of your home with a scrub brush. This is time consuming and certainly not as effective.

Also, some may think that a high water pressure sprayer would work more efficiently. This is a myth. One of the biggest problems with a high pressure water sprayer is that they often damage the surface of the home. We have heard many horror stories of homeowners who used a high pressure water sprayer that they either rented or purchased themselves. This machine can cause significant damage to the dwelling by removing or chipping the paint on the surface of the home. This makes for one very unhappy homeowner.

Also, power washing your home yourself can be dangerous due to the amount of pressure coming from the hose. There are also hard to reach areas that can be difficult to clean. Our professionals are able to remove filth from even the smallest corner of the outside of your home.

Damage can also be caused to the surface of your home even if you hire someone who uses a high water pressure sprayer. That is why our soft-washing system is the best and most effective method of removing all debris from your house and the surfaces surrounding your home.

We are professionals who can make sure that the job gets done right the very first time. You will not find a business like ours that uses this special one of a kind system.

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