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Everything You Need to Know About Home Washing

External weather conditions and lovely Mother Nature often do damage on your once spotless home. Excessive rain can cause moisture for fungi and other harmful plant-like protists, such as algae and lichen to feed and grow on the sides of your home. These unappealing intruders can upset the beautiful balance of any home or neighborhood. So what is the solution to a dirty house?

All homes can benefit from a routine cleaning to remove all of the mold, fungi and dirt from the siding. If you live in an area with heavy storms, winds may carry more leaves and dirt...

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Why Roof Algae is Damaging Your Roof and How to Fix It

One of the most destructive problems for a roof (and not to mention ugly) is Gloeocapsa magma, commonly known as roof algae.

What is Roof Algae?

Pressure Brothers cleaning roof algae

Gloeocapsa magma is a cyanobacteria that contains spores of algae. It is known mostly for the black streaks and stains it creates on rooftops. The algae typically starts to grow on the North side of the roof where there is less sun exposure leading to more moisture, which allows it to continue to grow easier.

Once the bacteria continues to...

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What is Pressure Washing and Soft-Washing?

You may be asking yourself a few questions when it comes to pressure washing. What is pressure washing? How does pressure washing actually work? Can a pressure washer damage my home? We explain our unique method to safely pressure washing your home so that your home looks beautiful and causes no damage.

What is Pressure Washing

Pressure washing uses a high-pressure water sprayer to remove debris from a house and the different surfaces that surround the house.

This debris includes, but is not limited to:

  • loose paint
  • bugs
  • mold
  • algae
  • grime
  • dust
  • mud
  • bird droppings
  • dirt
  • and more

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How often should I have my home pressure washed, my gutters cleaned, and my roof cleaned?

You should have your home pressure washed every one to two years as needed. Things to look for are green and black mold growing on the side of your home. Make sure you check out the water stains on your gutters and the black streaks that may appear on your roof. You don’t want to allow the mold to grow behind your siding into your home, or to have the moss growing on your roof under the shingles. Once it grows behind your siding it will start to release spores into your insulation and your home. If you allow it...

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Why should I have my home pressure/power washed?

Pressure washing is an important part of your home maintenance. Not only does dirt, grime, mold, and fungus make your home unsightly, they can also damage the surfaces they reside on. Mold and fungus are living organisms, and all living things need to eat. Guess what they’re eating? If you don’t have them removed with our safe pressure washing process, they could be eating away at the surfaces of your home! Pressure washing is a much cheaper alternative compared to fixing the damage caused by not keeping up with it. Remember that with our pressure washing process, we can clean...

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