Why Exterior House Washing is Important When Selling Your Home

Selling your home can feel like an uphill battle. It can also be filled with adventure and the start of a new chapter, which is very exciting! A lot of things need to be done once you decide that it is time to sell your home. Cleaning, repairing and de-cluttering will allow potential buyers to imagine themselves making your current home their future home.

Buying a new home is often as scary and overwhelming as selling a home because of the amount of work and money it takes the buyer to make it feel like their own. As a seller, you want to make your home as easy to move into as possible. Make it appealing, while taking the uncertainty away so the process can be as quick and simple as possible. When you are getting ready for showings and are cleaning up the interior of your house be sure not to overlook the importance of a clean exterior. The outside is the first impression that your house has to offer. Make the first impression a lasting one.

The exterior of your home should be pressure washed as soon as you put your house on the market. The best way to get potential buyers to check out your home is to enhance the curb appeal. Spruce up your landscaping, repair any eyesores and make sure that your home is sparkling. A nice, clean exterior creates a welcoming environment and showcases your home in its best state. Pressure washing eliminates the dust, dirt, grime and mold from your surfaces making it much more inviting and obviously more beautiful.

As a homeowner, you work hard to maintain your home while living in it. You want all of that effort to show when people walk up your driveway and into your house. The appearance of a well maintained home is appealing to buyers, because it can take some of the guesswork out of the process. If there was a stain somewhere or a build up of mildew or mold, they could be unsure if it’s a major problem or a just quick clean up. This could create some doubt in their buying decision. If the exterior is spotless it eliminates those potential doubts for the buyer.

Pressure washing the exterior of your home is a small investment but could lead to greatly increasing the value of your home. The value is increased when a buyer notices the potential of your home and appreciates the curb appeal. When the exterior is "move in ready", it is one less thing that the buyer would have to worry about doing themselves. Eliminating the cost and/or labor for them could make the sale of your home go much smoother.

Do not underestimate the advantage of having a clean interior and exterior. Showcase the beauty of your home by making it shine while drawing in buyers. Have the exterior of your home pressure washed to help make the process of selling your home as quick and painless for all those involved so that you are able to cherish the memories in your new home and enjoy the adventures that are ahead of you.

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