The Pressure Brothers Story

Pressure Brothers is a fully-licensed and insured pressure washing company that was started in 2011. We are owned and operated by local, Joe Wingler, and are located in Easton, Pennsylvania. Since our founding, we have been diligently serving the Lehigh Valley and Slate Belt areas, as well as parts of Warren and Hunterdon County, New Jersey.

Pressure Brothers was founded on simple, proven business principles. We offer only the highest-quality service available, while maintaining affordable prices. Whether you own a small ranch or a large apartment complex, we ensure that our customers are treated as if they are our family. Finally, we care about the environment. This means that we only use the highest quality, environmentally friendly and biodegradable cleaning solutions available to us, all while working in a safe and professional manner.

With every service that we offer, we are constantly looking for and finding better ways to provide them. We regularly attend seminars throughout the year, take part in educational courses, and research new products and techniques. By doing so, we have separated ourselves from other local companies, and offer a vastly superior service than our competitors.

When Pressure Brothers was founded, we began by offering a pressure washing service typical to the industry. However, a primary focus of Pressure Brothers is to keep advancing our methods to provide the best possible service to our customers. Although we started with high-pressure washing methods, we have since moved away from "blasting until clean," and now focus on safe and reliable soft-washing. We combine soft-washing with our environmentally friendly detergent cleaner that has been proven to make dirty gutters white again, windows and screens sparkling new, and get rid of pesky marks and stains that would not otherwise come out. Our use of high-pressure washing is now contained to only commercial settings, concrete cleaning, and on hard, porous surfaces. Our processes have improved drastically since Pressure Brothers first began, but our name still remains as a tribute to where we started, and to remember how far we have come.

When we tell our customers just what we can do, we are often met with disbelief! This is understandable. We are skeptics ourselves. This is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We refuse to be paid a dime until our customers are fully satisfied with our work, and will work tirelessly until our customer's needs are met.

We take the same approach to every service we offer. Whether it be house washing, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, or deck restoration, we ask ourselves, "What can we do to ensure the best possible outcome?" We also make certain that we are moving hand-in-hand with our customers, explaining in-depth the processes that we are using so that you can understand what we are doing and there is nothing left to chance.

If you would like more information on Pressure Brothers, or would like a free estimate for your residential or commercial project, please call Joe Wingler directly at (610) 417-7335.